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HOVER is transforming the exterior home improvement industry. With just a few smartphone photos, our customers can create an interactive 3D model of any home to measure and estimate home improvement costs.

HOVER technology was originally created for the U.S. military to generate 3D maps, so that troops could get a better idea of what they were walking into. Today, we use this same technology to unlock the potential of property.

We put our values at the forefront of every decision about our employees, our customers, and our business. We challenge the status quo and do so with persistence and integrity.

HOVER is transforming multiple industries, including home improvement, insurance, and financial services. Our technology is created with our customer in mind, finding ways to support both established and growing companies.

Our greatest strength: our people. We start with a company culture that embraces collective humility and personal development. We serve our clients as we serve our employees – with integrity and respect, and with a mindset of growth and transparency.


See what change really looks like. Create the perfect home with design features that let you view different manufacturers’ products and colors on the exterior of your home. Don’t sit around your house waiting. Ask a contractor or an insurance adjuster to provide you with an accurate estimate using HOVER's measurements. Be on the same page as your contractor or insurance provider. Show them exactly what you need and confirm the work that needs to get done.

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CoffeeCast Episode 1

Join business owner Joe Hoffman as he shares his entrepreneurial story and provides insight on how you can get out of your own way to build a better business.

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How Does HOVER Work? 

  1. Use our mobile app to take 8 photos capturing each angle of the home. We’ll automatically upload them to the cloud and take it from there.

  2. Using our patented technology, we transform your photos into a fully measured and customizable 3D model. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  3. Access all roof and siding measurements within the 3D model in our app or online. Or export via PDF, Excel, or other file formats.

  4. Change the roof, siding, and windows using real materials from brands like GAF, JamesHardie, and Alside. See the finished project with our fully shareable 3D model.

  5. Transform your business with new workflow features. From estimates and proposals to supplier-direct material ordering, HOVER helps you optimize and grow.

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Goodbye, Tape Measures. Hello, Accuracy in 3D.

Get the only app that combines to the inch measurements with an interactive 3D model. 


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Accurate Measurements. Gross Living Area. 2x Faster.

The only app with to-the-inch measurements from a few photos. Get data quickly and easily to make the most of your field time. Assess twice as many properties by saving time on commercial or residential sites. Create defendable property valuations with measurements proven to be more accurate than aerial or measuring tape. Say goodbye to manual measurements, our output will provide you with a complete sketch perfect for tax assessment. HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any weathertight property into a complete property data set – including gross living area – to accurately and efficiently assess value. With the most accurate measurements on the market, leverage HOVER’s property data to generate the fairest, most equitable property valuations possible.

What’s in it for you?

  • Auto-generated GLA Data
  • Receive the gross living area measurements without interior photos. Eight exterior photos are all that’s needed to inspect any property.
  • The Most Defendable, Accurate Property Valuations

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Customer Testimonials

"I love HOVER’s design features. It’s amazing to be able to see my home in 3D by just taking a few photos. I love discovering new colors and material and showing my contractor what I want my home to look like."

- Anna F.

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