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GE Silicones

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GE Silicones is the industry leader in sealants and coatings that extend life and add performance to buildings of all types. Like our products, we're hardworking and long-lasting—we've been serving the construction industry for more than 50 years.

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Always Ahead

GE Silicones sealants and coatings are 100 percent silicone, the gold standard of sealants. Always reliable, our products are formulated for outstanding durability, flexibility, and movement capability. Learn more.

Roof Coatings

Weatherproof. Seamless. Long-Lasting. Promotes Energy Efficiency.

Significantly extend your roof life expectancy with GE Silicones Enduris* Roof Coatings. Whether your project is a new construction or a roof restoration, we can work with you to deliver a complete silicone coating system that is easy to specify and install.

Enduris roof coating can withstand even the toughest environments: dramatic temperature extremes, daily UV exposure, and ponding water from rain, snow, wind, and hail. Its 100% silicone formula allows the coating to expand and contract with the roof. Enduris roof coating stays stable, flexible, and resilient—from day one and for years to come. Learn more.

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GE Silicones - Billboard Ad - Optic

GE Silicones - Learn about Optic Coating and Get a Sample

The choice for cost-effective, enduring building repairs. When a building façade leaks, the usual choice is between costly, invasive renovations or quick, temporary fixes. GE Silicones Optic translucent coating offers the refreshing alternative—without compromising your budget or building performance. Prevent repeated failures, minimize maintenance, and keep your building looking great. Optic is ...
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GE Silicones - Wettest Place on Earth Case Study

How Do You Roof the WETTEST Place on Earth?

GE Silicones are a family of coatings and sealants used to weatherproof, insulate, and strengthen every element of the building envelope. Roofs. Façades. Glazing. And more. We put advanced and trusted innovation to work on your project. Some of our 100% silicone formulas have been part of the world’s most ...
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