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Calloway Roofing Contractor

Bringing in over 25 years of roofing industry experience, Drew Calloway founded Calloway Roofing LLC to provide local Floridians with registered roof installations.

Drew and the staff have invested heavily in the back-end systems of the company and also in the ever essential front-end production and ground-game efforts, to cover short-notice storm restoration situations in addition to commercial and residential retail roofing opportunities.  Calloway Roofing LLC has subsequently signed a 5-YEAR marketing and business development contract with Knowledge Transfer LLC to ensure that sales quotas remain consistent and that the in-house production, in-house servicing, and in-house estimating departments stay busy and on course and remain as professional as the industry demands it.

Calloway Roofing LLC believes every roof should be a registered roof installation and that every line item, as allowed by building code and industry standards, should be a definitive part of every roof.

Service by Calloway 

Full Condition Inspection 

1st Meeting  - A 5-months trained Calloway Roofing  Account Manager  will come to your property to mark, note, and record any and all damage found.  This includes the roof and all exteriors areas potentially affected.

Then, he or she will come down and go over everything with you including collateral damage items inside the home. Interiors Inspection Furthermore, as we also believe that a homeowner makes  better decisions when they have full information, we always provide you with a free copy of the complete inspection pictures.

Calloway's Servicing Department  

Second Meeting - Once you select Calloway Roofing as your roofing contractor, you will be reasonably updated weekly by one our trained Servicing Department personnel.  Servicing will communicate with you consistently and as your project progresses. Communications with your insurance adjuster (if elected) Communications with your mortgage company (if any) In addition, your assigned Calloway Roof Account Manager will meet with you again to go over every detail of the Adjuster's Summary (if there is an insurance claim involved). 

He or she will also go over the entirety of our Calloway Estimate; listing all Florida Building Code required roofing LINE ITEMS. This meeting is also when we have a chance to match and deliver on what we found and could assist with at the First Meeting. 


Drew Calloway's Commitment

Third meeting - After your roof is replaced and your home is restored, we will bring you our Labor and Workmanship Warranty in addition to the Registered Materials Warranty CODE, as promised.  This is a registered roof installation with a 600 month manufacturers' warranty.  We will then make ourselves available to answer any final questions you may have.  Finally, we will also ask if you would like the Calloway Roofing Engraved Roof Warranty Plaque installed on your property. 

This is so that as part of complete and registered roof services, you never have to worry about where the warranty registration code is.

My Roof Plan 

  1. Click here to learn more
  2. Subscribe to the Plan in just a few minutes
  3. Auto-schedule the initial maintenance inspection
  4. Review the provided post-inspection photographs
  5. Discuss everything with your Plan Manager
  6. Maintenance items commence and photographed
  7. Document items of concern both on and off the roof 
  8. We report back to you and continue the service



As such, our full compliment of roof services near you include:

  • Re-Roofs (residential and commercial)
  • Roof Replacements (shingles, metal, tile, TPO)
  • Roof Installation (New Construction)
  • Roof Repair (Insurance and under Warranty)
  • Interiors Restoration - Insurance or Retail
  • Exteriors Restoration - Insurance or Retail
  • Roof Tarping - As Needed Schedule NOW
  • Roof Type Upgrades - Call for Details

The Cost of Roof Replacement: Who Pays, How Much, and Why

First, the "average" cost to reshingle a roof or, said differently, the "average" cost to tear off and replace a roof is a highly misleading benchmark to follow because the costs are not based on an "average," but instead, on the more specific line items that make up the roof—as specified and required by the Florida Building Code.

Second, the process can take three possible paths, with "bulk" style pricing and estimating being the most inaccurate as line items are missed (or left out) and stemming from a lack of information.

Third, the most accurate way to arrive at the true cost to replace the roof is to combine a contingency contract with the stages of construction method, allowing for the proper payment by insurance to truly bring the property to its pre-loss condition—inclusive of all Building Code line items and enhancements such as hurricane renail (the Code required placing of nails at every 6 inches off-center on the roof deck, among other things)."

As such, and in consideration of the total line items; how much does a roof replacement cost is:

a. the sum of the total damaged roof and property line items to replace according to the Florida Building Code,

b. the affirmation of Law and Ordinance coverage in the policy to pay for all the additional line items, and

c. the percentage or policy-set amount a homeowner has to pay as their deductible obligation.

We Work With...

  • Homeowners - Local and Abroad
  • Business owners - Retail Centers and Single Use
  • Realtors - In network and Investment Property
  • Attorneys - Forensic Experts and Insurance Claims
  • Property management companies - Contractual
  • Homeowners Associations - Strategic Homeowner Alliances
  • Related Tradespersons - Bonded and Insured

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