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Breakthrough Academy

Take Your Trades Business to The Next Level

The Breakthrough Academy (BTA) is a high-performance business education platform focused on providing contractors with tools needed to enjoy increased profits, better work-life balance, and the freedom to live the lives they always dreamed of.

The BTA Program is based on dozens of years of experience running contracting companies and achieving proven results.

Their concepts have both built successful franchise systems from scratch, and scaled small companies to multi-million dollar organizations.

They are experts at working with contractors and home service entrepreneurs, with all of their systems and processes tailored for application in the industry. They are currently working with 300+ entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada, collectively producing over $900 million in annual revenue. In 2020, they were ranked as Canada's 106th top growing company by The Globe and Mail's Report on Business, and Canada’s 16th fastest-growing startup by MacLean’s magazine in 2018.

The Breakthrough Academy works with entrepreneurs who are experts in their field and are serious about growing their businesses to the next level. The Breakthrough Academy helps trades and home service entrepreneurs like yourself develop the skills and processes necessary to increase profits and improve work-life balance, all without disrupting the day to day running of your business.

Visit our website here.

Why BTA? 

Watch More Videos Here

Best Financial Strategies To Run A Profitable Contracting Business - Igor Trninic

Financials – the one word that can have even the most seasoned contracting leader running for the hills. But, sorry to break this to you, mastering a budget is such a bedrock skill for your entire career as a business owner.

Business owners who have a strong and solid financial plan (and a well thought-through budget) are able to be more decisive and end up with financial freedom.

Well, can't you just hand it over to your bookkeeper or accountant, and be done with it? Afraid not...if you want to grow and succeed long-term. It's really not as scary (or dry/yawn-inducing/grey hair encouraging) as it may seem.

So, where do you start? BTA's Igor Trninic to the rescue * cue superman music * In this episode of Contractor Evolution, Igor (our numbers whizz) breaks down what a solid financial plan looks like and the steps to get there. Basically, if you have Grade 8 math and you don't mind screwing up the first few times, you're already ahead of the game.

Watch the Full Episode and Access Free Resources Here

The Program 

1. Assessment

During a 2 hour complimentary assessment, a BTA Assessment Specialist will take the time to learn about you and your business. Together, you’ll go through the following:

  1. Review your personal and professional goals
  2. Assess the current state of your business
  3. Analyze your biggest challenges and opportunities
  4. Walk you through the BTA Program
  5. Prescribe recommendations to get your contracting business to the next level
  6. Decide together whether this journey is right for you

Upon acceptance into the program, a BTA Member Success Manager will ensure you have received the required preparation for the program and are ready to successfully start the next phase.

Apply Here!

2. Blueprint

Every great structure starts with a goal and a well thought out plan. This is where we establish all the necessary components of your business and how they’ll interconnect to create that well-oiled machine you’ve always envisioned. With every part of your business focused on the same end goal, you’ll be on your way to sustainable profits and time to spare.

Throughout the 6 week Blueprint Phase, a world-class trades business expert will guide you through the 6 pillars that will restructure your business and drive you to success. You’ll gain a strong understanding of all the business skills and processes within the BTA Management System and become aware of the blind spots that have been holding you back. Then you’ll get clear on exactly what you need to do to implement each part of your plan into one kick ass system.

See the Full Blueprint Outline Here

3. Implementation 

With a ton of awesome ideas from your Blueprint, it’s time to methodically inject them into your business. This is 3 critical years of assembling each piece of your plan properly, measuring results along the way and adjusting for the reality of the day to day. There will be no guesswork and you won’t be reinventing the wheel, but you’ll need to be disciplined and patient with the process. Your coach and the BTA Community will be there for you the entire way, to ensure you’ve implemented an interconnected business system that finally pulls you out of the daily grind.

Check Out More Details About the Program Here

Customer Testimonials

  • "BTA helped us gather focus in the right direction and showed us exactly what we needed to do in order to run our business. 

                    - Brandon Smith (NEW VISION PROJECTS)

  • "BTA gave me the tools. They showed me that I can be profitable, they showed me that I can make money. Within the first year, I actually was profitable… after four years of not being profitable. That’s huge.

                    - Chris O’Donohue (GREAT CANADIAN LANDSCAPING)

  • "BTA is more than just a program, it’s really a group and a network of great guys. You can read books and go to seminars, and that may stick with you for a week or a month. BTA is ongoing and it’s a team around you."

                    - Adam Krahn (QUARTERHORSE)

  • "I dropped the tools a year ago, and now I’m fully in the office. We’ve doubled in sales, we’ve doubled in everything, because we can streamline things a lot easier and we could do so much more."

                    - Dan Crump (DMC CONTRACTING)

  • "BTA helped us create a concrete foundation for our company by providing us with the knowledge and tools to take 505-Junk to new levels."

                    - Barry Hartman (505 JUNK)

  • "Once we had a very clear strategic direction, that’s when everything really took off."

                    - Scott Foran (505 JUNK)

  • "Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can drive on one already perfected. Following an already proven business model with gifted mentors overlooking your progress will save years of work trying to create/design a business and systems on your own. I know this program will help EXPLODE any business to the next level. I highly recommend Breakthrough Academy to anyone looking to build a truly world class business."

                    - Brad Lavigne (ECO PAVING)

Latest Promotions and Rebates

Business Assessment from Breakthrough Academy

Free Strategy Session from Breakthrough Academy

LET’S SEE IF YOU’RE THE RIGHT FIT During a 2 hour complimentary session, a BTA Assessment Specialist will take the time to learn about you and your business. Together, you’ll strategize and go through the following: Review your personal and professional goals Assess the current state of your business Analyze your biggest challenges and opportunities Walk ...
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Latest Podcasts

BTA - Danny Kerr Pod

Danny Kerr - Contractor Evolution, Get Ready to Evolve

  S3:E31 Heidi J. Ellsworth virtually road trips to meet up with Danny Kerr co-founder of Breakthrough Academy.  It is a celebration of their new show, Contractor Evolution.  Danny shares information about this new multimedia show produced specifically for high-performing contractors who are focused on scaling up, working less, and increasing profitability. ...
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Contractor Evolution BTA Logo

Breakthrough Academy Contractor Evolution Show Podcast Playlist

  Breakthrough Academy presents Contractor Evolution. In this show we unpack the systems, tactics and skills you need to take your fast-growing contracting business to the next level. If you’re here to learn what it takes to scale up, work less, and increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned to learn what ...
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Latest Webinars

RCS Welcomes Breakthrough Academy

Own the Neighborhood

WATCH NOW Generating new leads from jobs you’re already doing is the quickest way to add significant revenue to your bottom line this summer. And the best part is: with the proven, repeatable marketing strategy you’re going to learn on this webinar, you’ll have everything you need to make it part of ...
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RCS Welcomes Breakthrough Academy

Roundtable: 3 Contractors Share Their Growth Secrets with Systems & Automations

Co-hosts: Danny Kerr, BTA & Monroe MacKay, JobNimbus Features 2 roofers and one cabinet painting company More Information Here!
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RCS Welcomes Breakthrough Academy

Scaling to 8 Figures & Beyond: Contractors Share Marketing & Sales Secrets Behind Their Rapid Growth

Co-hosts: BTA & Marc @ Webrunner Media Featuring three roofing companies who are growing like stink Fun fact: the largest company featured is woman-lead More Information Here!
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Latest Classifieds

Breakthrough Academy Webinar Playlist

Is it time to move your business to the next level?

Breakthrough Academy is looking for contractors who are ready to take their business to the next operational level.  If you are a highly entrepreneurial business owner with a strong desire to grow, BTA training will help you better systemize your company while providing growth and leadership development for your team.  ...
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Latest Videos

Breakthrough Academy Video Playlist

Breakthrough Academy Video Playlist

  To learn more about Breakthrough Academy, visit their RCS Directory. See more videos from Breakthrough Academy on their YouTube channel.  Take Your Trades Business to The Next Level Success Story - 60 Seconds with Dan Crump The Personal Benefits of Becoming a BTA Member Why Being a Part of the BTA Community is So Impactful Contractor lesson ...
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