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Product Profiles: Mule-Hide Products

Editor Note: We accept advertising for many interesting products. We asked Mule-Hide to give us some insight into some of the products they manufacture.

Mule-Hide Roofing TPOMule-Hide is available nationwide at ABC Supply stores. The Mule-Hide product line includes single-ply membranes and accessories, plus a complete line of low-slope roofing maintenance and repair products including Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings, Seal-Fast Tapes and Asphalt Roof Coatings and Cements. Mule-Hide is an Energy Star Partner and a member of the Cool Roof Rating Council, USGBC, RCMA, RRCI, GRHC, SPRI, and NRCA.

Applicators trust Mule-Hide  professional-grade coatings - 115 Cleaner, A-125 Metal Roof Primer, A-200 Flashing Grade, A-300 Finish, A-301 Skylight Finish, A-320 Finish – for asphaltic substrates and for ponded water areas. Their A-400-W Masonry Wall Coating comes in four colors. 

Mule-Hide's EPDM Restoration System turns black EPDM into a "cool roof". The EPDM surface is cleaned and prepared using Mule-Hide A-151 EPDM ReSurface Agent. This ensures for a tough adhesion of the A-300 Finish. Cool Roofs with high reflectivity and emissivity reduce energy demands and extend roof life.

Mule-Hide Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings offer heat relief, cost relief, thermal shock relief, leak relief, and even tax relief for building owners since coatings can be an expense, not a capital investment. For metal roofs, add rust relief.  A-300 Finish offers initial solar reflectance values of up to 86% and three-year aged values up to 72%, plus emissivity values of 91%. Contractors have assurance of superior weatherability, flexibility, and reflectivity to meet the highest standards. Call 1-800-786-1492 for your free application handbook or video. Visit for more information on their complete line of products.

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